Fall Business Meeting: Topics Include Expanded ND-1 Overlay

When Melinda Gates expressed frustration with the slow progress the Gates Foundation had made eradicating some health problems world-wide, Warren Buffet offered this observation:  Remember that society has left these problems behind, and they’ve left them behind precisely because they’re hard problems. (Fast Company magazine, December/January 2017 issue, p.64)

Though obviously not as critical as Ms. Gates’ goal of eradicating malaria, your Greenbrier Residents, Inc. (GRI) Boards have had to deal with the vexing issue of Deed Restriction enforcement throughout the years with very limited success.  Given the authority to discharge this duty without the correlative power normally allowed a Homeowners Association (HOA), we now have a shot at finally resolving this most difficult problem.

The following letter explaining your Board’s decision to expand the ND-1 Overlay from smaller lot properties to large lot properties details:

1. That NO smaller lot properties will be affected

2. That there  is NO cost to homeowners by adopting this expanded ND-1 Overlay

3. That  structures  currently out of compliance on large lot properties will NOT be affected

4. That ALL of Greenbrier will benefit from this expanded Overlay, and most importantly,

5. That this is the ONLY way to protect and maintain  our neighborhood’s unique character.

Click to download:  Greenbrier Letter ND-1 Fall 2017

Questions? Come to the Fall Business Meeting on October 16th to be held at the home of Sarah and Carl Lee, 1805 Bahama Road.  Wine and Cheese served at 6.15; meeting at 7pm.